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The Dimension of Lame version of Zoë (or Alt-Zoë for convenience) differs from Zoë physically in that Alt-Zoë has purple hair as opposed to Zoë's black hair. She also seems to have a somewhat curvier body when slightly older, though not when first encountered. Like all natives of the Dimension of Lame, Alt-Zoë is polite in the extreme, abhors violence, and is oblivious to all forms of vice. Despite her brief storyline in Sluggy Freelance, her relationship with Torg continues to impact his choices even into the recent storyline of "bRoken".

Torg first encounters Alt-Zoë when he is rescued by her from the Dimension of Pain during the "It's the Wrong Torg, Grommit!" storyline. Torg's stay in the Dimension of Lame was brief, during which he received several back-rubs from Alt-Zoë before Alt-Bun-bun sent him home.

Torg next encounters Alt-Zoë in the "That Which Redeems" storyline, during which he develops a romantic relationship with her. Torg is brought back to the Dimension of Lame by Alt-Bun-bun, only to discover it has been overrun by the inhabitants of the Dimension of Pain. Torg becomes Alt-Zoë's protector, promising to keep her safe [1].



This section gives away the ending of the storylines to "That Which Redeems II" and "bRoken". If you haven't read either of those stories, stop reading this and go read Sluggy first. This can wait.

You have been warned...

Alt-Zoë is killed by Horribus[2] near the end of the "That Which Redeems II" storyline. Torg blames himself for failing to keep his promise to protect her.

Alt-Riff later reveals that Alt-Zoë had married their dimension's version of Torg[3], who had subsequently died in a fission popcorn experiment. Alt-Zoë never revealed to Torg that he was a replacement for her lost husband.

Torg's refusal to accept the evidence of Zoë's death in the "bRoken" storyline appears to stem from continued feelings of guilt over Alt-Zoë's death[4].