XVI: The Storm
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K'Z'K' is released. Gwynn reflects on that she didn't do anything, while she sees the bug's plan. Torg shows Gwynn that Zoe and Riff are alive. Meander and Lacey are waiting to see what happens and whether they need the Stormbreaker alive or not. Wilcott interrupts, saying that by the terms of the scroll K'Z'K has to follow Wilcotts wishes, which is to keep Wilcotts family safe. But Riff doesn't want to step aside, so K'Z'K feels himself free to squish him. Zoe notices that one of the ordained was killed by a skeleton and is dripping blood: is it innocent? Torg attacks K'Z'K but the blood was not innocent. Gwynn finds Dunuloa's egg basket and looks for a spell-egg. K'Z'K grabs her, saying he can hear all their thoughts.

Skip says he's sorry he didn't kill the Stormbreaker.

Zoe grabs an egg labeled with a scroll and throws it at K'Z'K. He is imprisoned again. Farahn says the books power is all Siphiniana's (Gwynn). She accepts the power. She closes the book and renames K'Z'K Poopypants. Gwynn flies out with the gang, but is shot in the head by Strom and they drop from the sky. Strom shot her because (following his earlier overheard conversation) he believed killing Gwynn/Siphy would stop the end of the world. But Bun-bun wrecked his shot, thereby only grazing Gwynn. Strom helps them escape (threatened by Bun-bun) in the monster dune-buggy. Strom blows up the entire Cult-K'Z'K camp (as is his modus operandi when he resigns his job). Riff says that's the same way he quits his jobs. Strom says he's Reid Nash. He now recognizes his error in shooting Gwynn.

The demons lost the Skip and Wilcott, because Skip drew a magic circle which prevents the demons seeing or hearing them. Wilcott kills Darryll: it turns out that he was operated upon to put a radio in his body, which Wilcott takes out. He communicates with a woman, who says she didn't hear from her cult (i.e. it is the boss of the cult). He says Chilus killed Qaboos, at which the woman sobs and says that at least he is with dad now. Wilcott explains to Skip that The Cult and The Release are two arms of the same organization, to keep the demons warring while the humans pulled the strings. Things were ruined because of Chilus' ambition, so the ruse is over. Skip is still in. Wilcott thanks Tombsy.

Gwynn magically transported the buggy to New Jersey on top of a roof. Torg hands Riff a souvenir: Farahns non-magical dagger, which Bun-bun recognizes as the dagger that killed his mother in the Wajang Kulit world.

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