XV: Godfall
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Dunuloa tells Krohnus that he forgot to instill fear in humankind, so that is what she will do. Krohnus says the sword came from the never and can't be destroyed by him. He throws it out. Krig admits that he opened the portal to allow Krohnus family to return. Krohnus throws him out. Krohnus tells Symachus that he knew about his ambition and strips him of his powers, blinds him (and his progeny), to provide him a painful and long life, weak and feeble. Rana lead him out.

Krohnus accuses Tempest for not watching against the breach of the web. He tries to find out what was changed in the web. The web spiders notice a knot with ordained souls of the destroyer. They think that Siphy or Gwynn is a potential, but Tempest thinks this ridiculous as potentials protect the web. The spiders say that the web lives on after her interference, while it would be doomed without that. He orders the spiders to bring all the potentials in the same spot as the ordained.

Krohn says he will protect the world with a layer of space in which time does not exist (Timeless space). Those who abuse the laws of time and space will end up there, under the watch of Tempest: Timeless space, like now outside the tower they are in. Tempest will forever guard this space (through all sparks). He will make sure the fateweb is protected from outsiders. Krohnus himself will mind the web. Sluggy/Bun-bun is also thrown out of the pyramid of the gods and lands on Krig. He says he quits, and that 'sluggy is freelance now'. Sluggy calls Krig 'Gaul', who answers that he doesn't go by that name anymore.

Tempest communicates to Googol through his hat. He says there is a young potential here, as well as Sluggy who is now Bun-bun (and is there twice). He suggests to also bring the god of power to the spot with all potentials, with the rallying cry 'Sluggy Freelance'.

Epilogue: Krig is watching over the remaining folk of Mohkadun. Symachus has a son with one of the noble daughters, who was also struck blind. Krohnus made Mohkadun disappear beneath the sand. Sluggy/Bun-bun found Dunuloa in the pyramid of man, trying to make new life, to create a corpse as guardian of her treasures (i.e. the mummy later found by Torg and Riff).

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