XIV: Release
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A week before on the ship, Torg and Zoe were talking about the sword (being fueled by innocent blood) and Torg being a killer. In the present Meander tests the sword but finds it doesn't kill the demons (because she doesn't know it needs innocent blood). Zoe grabs the sword but can't bring herself to kill Meander's human host.

Strom is listening in to the conversation of Wilcott Wilden and Skip. Wilcott explains that he neede the book of e-ville and more ordained, who all have a piece of K'Z'K inside them. The compass points at the ordained as it has a drop of K'Z'K's blood in it. Riff also has some of K'Z'K's blood in him. If K'Z'K takes a piece of your soul, you get a piece of K'Z'K's soul in return, and pass it on to your children. Wilcott explains that their line goes back to Symachus. Torg doesn't believe it: Riff and Bun-bun are/descend from Mohkadun gods, and they are all called Sluggy.

Wilcott found a box that opened with his blood and contained a scroll written in modern English (the scroll written by possesed Gwynn in the past), with the list of souls. Riff's name was on it, and Gwynn, who possesses the only sentient part of K'Z'K in existence. When Zoe squished K'Z'K that was the end of him except for all those bits of soul, so they collect all those pieces to resurrect K'Z'K. Wilcott says he does everything for his son.

Siphy talks to Riff and says she's going along with the plan as that involves her return home.

Strom has heard all this, and realizes that demon-victory also would mean his whole world ending and him becoming demon-food. He believes killing Siphy would stop this, because Siphy said that with her death Gwynn couldn't come back alive.

The ordained/prisoners are led to the temple and are instructed to chant Ropuik (meaning Release). Siphy begins to get visions of the past. Skeletons (the old queens) crawl out from the sand. Strom and Bun-bun fight of the skeletons. The skeletons threaten to kill everyone not chanting. Zoe grabs the sword and throws it to Torg. Siphy catches it and gives it to Torg, who attacks the skeletons. Zoe fills in Torg that she is currently safe from Meander. Lacey protects Zoe from Skip. K'Z'K in Gwynn tricks Maloufo in saying Shupid and Kwi, which completes the switch of Gwynn and Siphy.

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