XIII: Tears of a God
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Krohnus realizes his entire family went to Mohkadun to defeat Kozoaku. At the temple, Gwynn talks to Maloufo, who has joined forces to defeat Kozoaku (apparently not happy anymore with his appearance). He says that he now realizes she wasn't toying with Kron but her love for Kron is real. Gwynn thinks that Siphy was indeed toying with Kron. The plan involves Rana being imprisoned as well for 100 years.

Krohnus returns. The deadles attack. Krig attacks the first line of the deadles. Dunuola shows that she managed to bind a human to an inanimate object (Asahn is bound to her dress). So the plan is to have Kozoaku possess Rana, then imprison Rana in the scroll. Farahn is moving in with the deadles. Dunuloa demonstrates how the binding works, then releases Rana. In the distance, Kozoaku and the spirit future-him watch. Future-him will transform Kozoaku for a time to a spirit so he can watch near-by.

While Krohnus' family is discussing, Farahn sneaks in and kills Kron. Brehda attacks Farahn, and is also killed by the sword. Kozoaku shows up, and is not invisible: he was tricked by future-him. Dunuloa [or Rana?] casts the spell and imprisons Farahn and Kozoaku.

Kozoaku asks future-him why he tricked himself, if the 7th spark was already toast. The story about the 8th spark was nonsense. If the 7th spark would end in Mohkadun, future-him would still be stuck in a divergent time-line. So he made sure that everything in the past happened essentially as it did in the original time-line. Future-him only added the box to the time-stream to help everything come together at the right time and place, setting himself up for a win. He casts a spell to make Kozoaku forget everything said.

All the deadles fall over once Kozoaku is gone. Gwynn (possessed by the bug/spark of future-K'Z'K) laughes in victory. Maloufo thinks she's lost her mind and takes her with him. Krohnus doesn't understand how the sword could harm his family. The sword thinks about time and tears (Krohnus crying).

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