XII: Blood in the Sand
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The gang and Siphy are locked up in a cage. Torg notices a creepy-ass compass pointing at Riff. Siphy recognizes on the wall the Mohkadun symbol for Release. Torg deduces that Riff's dad want to make human sacrifices, but Wilder says it's not the ones in the cages that are going to be sacrificed. He does admit that he wants to summon K'Z'K and says that you can't kill K'Z'K as he is the end and things cannot not have an end. He explains that there are two opposing factions: The cult of K'Z'K (with the 'magnet' symbol) who are students of destruction and another group consisting of Skip, Qaboos, himself and a few others who are students of history and may be called 'The release'. He says that he has very specific reasons of his own to bring the world to an end on his terms.

Riff's dad says that Zoe is the Stormbreaker, destined to thwart K'Z'K from ending history. Hence she must be killed.

Riff still doesn't believe his dad is a bad guy. One of the guys in the cage says Riffs dad was in prison, but was the warden.

Riff's dad explains that Torg also must be killed as he can't live without Zoe. But then he says he can't bring himself to do it. Skip takes over, saying that the gun is more merciful than his usual mode of suffocation. He believed that Gwynn had defeated the K'Z'K in her mind that the sentient spark of K'Z'K had left Gwynn, and that the Stormbreaker had fulfilled her prophesy. But he was wrong on at least one count. Torg calls to the Dune buggy which shoots missiles and kills Skip. Torg and Zoe escape. Qaboos aims a gun at Zoe, but then Qaboos and Skip's host (Bob) are killed by a sniper, which turns out to be Strom.

Meander and Lacey follow everything from a distant car. They order Strom not to harm Wilden and is to protect the Stormbreaker. Meander explains that Skip had a strong lead on bringing K'Z'K back but tried to keep the Cult out of the picture, so that's why they are moving in. But because Skip things the Stormbreaker is an 'undo' function, they are keeping the Stormbreaker safe as insurance. One of Skip's men tricks a colleague into saying the spell needed for Skip to possess him, bringing Skip back. Skip in his new body talks to Meander/Chilus. Meander says that they were invited by e-mail right after the gang left for the desert. Wilden sent the e-mail: he made a deal with Meander as they are on the same 'free K'Z'K' team'. He says that the deal he made with Meander's boss is that no-one would get hurt. It is mentioned that Meander's boss is a mortal human. Wilden gets the book of e-ville which was part of the deal.

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