XI: In Justice
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Farahn is attacked by the knight-like creature that brought the flaming sword in the world. Kozoaku tells Symachus that he realises that Symachus was the one who summoned him in the previous spark. Symachus is ambitious: last time he was made god in this spark, so he hopes to usurp Krohnus by finishing off this spark. Symachus retorts that it was also the Krigs (of whom Krig is the last) who summoned Kozoaku.

Kozoaku kills Symachus, to get him under his control, and steals a piece of his soul. He talks to the bug (future-he) who told hiim to collect souls. He shows the blood-compass (which points at Symachus), the scroll of non-reading and the holy lock-box of lockyness. He puts the compas and scroll in the box and closes it with Symachus' blood. Now only his blood can open the box. Kozoaku finds that Farahn is still alive: the scream they heard earlier was from the N'ever-warrior who is afraid of scorpions and ran away (he said his name was Satin, possibly mishearing 'Satan'). Kozoaku says Rituly owes him a whole army. In the rebel-camp Wyntiti says goodbye to Maloufo and gets a box for safekeeping (never to be opened) from a friend who turns out to be possessed by a demon. It is the holy box of lockyness.

The bug explains the plan to Kozoaku (his past-me). The bug was from a time-line which up to now was similar, being imprisoned by Soco's plan. But now Soco is dead, and the plan is Gwynn's, which is how the fateweb tries to repair things (if things are changed to much you get a divergent time-line). The bug says he should avoid the trap they are setting in the temple. The soul-collecting is insurance (for what?), and the box is for the future, to destroy the eight spark before it even begins. This is not explained further. The bug says this spark is doomed.

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