Agent Whisper
Serious and focused
First appearance
Transforms humans into hounds, shadow camouflage , shadow travel
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Agent Whisper is an agent of the Cult of K'Z'K.

She seems to be the brains in the N'aaaw/Whisper duo, speaking intelligently in both her human and "inner demon" forms.

The primary power of Whisper is to turn people into "hounds", giving them forms remnicient of large dogs and enslaving them to her will.

Whisper causes the transformation by stabbing her targets with her tongue. She talks creepily about being a mother to her hounds, and having a hole in her heart from a lack of hounds.[1] She also has the power to enter shadows, allowing for camouflage.

The inner demon of Whisper was slain by Torg wielding Chaz powered on innocent blood. It is unclear whether this killed the human host, as Chaz only made a scratch on the body.

References Edit

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