Book 3: When Holidays Attack!
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When Holidays Attack! is the third Sluggy Freelance book. Notable topics include the first Halloween incursion by a demon from the Dimension of Pain, the introduction of K'Z'K, a trip to a pyramid, and a trip through time gone wrong.

Chapter 9: Return of the Holiday SeasonsEdit

In which a werewolf fights a demon.
In which we flashback the horrible internetless 80s.
In which Torg and Riff get trapped in a cursed pyramid.
In which a british treasure hunter helps the boys out.
In which Gwynn has a new boyfriend and Torg goes feral.

Chapter 10: K'Z'KEdit

In which Gwynn turns out to be a real witch.
In which Riff finds new and exciting ways to electrocute people.
In which Gwynn brings about The End.
In which puns save the world yet again.
In which Gwynn is in a coma and Marilyn Manson is blamed.

Chapter 11: Mecha Easter BunnyEdit

In which Santa and the Easter Bunny form a deadly alliance.
In which Santa finally defeats Bunbun?

Chapter 12: The Time MachineEdit

In which Burt's world is a crotch and Zoe has a crush.
In which Zoe and Torg get a blast from the past.
In which we catch up with Sam.

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