War of the Transbots
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War of the Transbots is the third story in chapter 24 of Sluggy Freelance, GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos. Torg and Riff are pressed into military service with the Zorgons, piloting robots that transform into jets (the transbots) to fight against GOFOTRON. Both manage to disturb the transformation of their transbot when GOFOTRON approaches Lord Grater's command ship, sending them wildly through space, with Riff's robot riding on Torg's jet. The remaining transbots are destroyed by GOFOTRON, so Lord Grater decides to join the battle in his own transbot, but he is prompty hit by Riff and Torg, and now they are spinning out of control. GOFOTRON destroys Lord Grater's command ship, incidentally hitting a powerful weapon - a cascade missile. GOFOTRON is damaged, missing its right arm with its pilot, Secret Angel Princess-Princess. Lord Grater is broken up about the loss of his command ship, and GOFOTRON giving him the finger.

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