Void Ghosts
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Void Ghosts is the sixth story in chapter 24 of Sluggy Freelance, GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos. On the run from Zorgon Gola who has just doomed the Punyverse to destruction, the gang arrives in the void where, as common wisdom holds, the void ghosts live and destroy those that dare enter their territory, but Lord Grater explains that they are just a myth. The cascade-missile-puppy of Zorgon Gola reaches a sun and destroys the matter in the punyverse except the gang's and Zorgon Gola's ships, but the latter's promptly crashes into the edge of the punyverse and is destroyed. With nothing else in the punyverse remaining, the gang can easily locate the portal home, but Lord Grater talks them into leaving without him and Princess-Princess, having misunderstood a comment about never kissing him. Bun-bun, Torg, and Riff arrive savely home...

The 4th anniversary comic fell on the penultimate comic of this episode, coinciding with the ship returning from the Punyverse and landing on Gwynn's thigh.

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