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Vampires is the second story in chapter 8 of Sluggy Freelance, Vampires. Riff warns Zoë and Torg about the vampire as Torg goes to run off with Valerie. The vampire attacks Riff and Zoë, and Valerie turns out to be a vampire herself. Sam arrives at the fight shortly after Riff stakes Kullan, and Valerie soon appears with Torg as well. Sam also is a vampire, and he wasn't actually married to Valerie. Sam and Valerie want to turn Torg and Zoë into vampires. Valerie unstakes Kullan, forces Sam to kill Kiki, and leaves with Torg. Sam, who is supposed to kill Riff, however, has betrayed the vampires. He not only not killed Kiki, but stakes Kullan again and leaves instructions on how to kill the vampires of the Lysinda circle that he belongs to. He still brings Zoë to the queen of the circle Lysinda.

Riff, Kiki, Bun-bun (but only because he thinks Torg has the remote), and Aylee go to locate the vampires' lair to save their friends, whose transformation into vampires is supposed to take three nights. Accidental sabotage by Bun-bun costs them a lot of time, and they reach the lair during the third night. Their approach reveals Sam's treachery, and in the ensuing battle, Aylee is separated from the others, Riff is knocked out, Sam is staked, and Bun-bun finds his incentive to fight removed, as Torg doesn't have the remote. Torg and Zoë are held by Valerie and Lysinda, respectively, but Torg reluctantly kills Valerie, and Bun-bun distracts Lysinda so that Zoë can stake her. Aylee had ripped apart the vampires she was fighting, and so the gang decides to pile up the vampires and vampire bits so that they are destroyed by the sun, except that Kiki rescues Sam from that fate. Torg is distraught about killing Valerie, and Zoë kisses Riff.

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