Valerie in her human and vampire states.

Lady Valerie was queen of Mercia sometime in the middle ages. Her husband Torgamous looked just like Torg. When Riff tried to freeze K'Z'K in 1999 (see K'Z'K (Chapter)), he accidentally sent the demon back to Valerie's time. Later Torg and Zoë, while trying to travel to the future, accidentally travelled back to the time when K'Z'K was destroying the world. Because Lord Torgamous is very ill, Torg impersonates him and leads the Mercian army for a short time. After defeating K'Z'K, Torg and Zoë both leave, and Lord Torgamous accidentally impales himself on his spear. Grieving over her loss, Valerie is approached by the vampire Lysinda, who convinces her to become a vampire.

In 1998, Valerie was a senior member of the Lysinda Circle. Badly in need of new members (well, she'd have to be), Lysinda recruited Sam Sein, and after that set her sights on Zoë, whom she had seen images of in his mind. Valerie was sent to obtain her with Sam, keeping watch over him and pretending to be his wife. She was instantly attracted to Torg because of his resemblance to her late husband, and he responded to her feelings somewhat confusedly, though he managed to resist actually starting an affair with what he thought was his friend's wife. Valeria also had Sam kick Kiki out of their apartment, whereupon she ended up as Riff's pet.

Eventually the vampires made their move and captured Zoë and Torg to their lair in Maine. Due to Sam's somewhat half-hearted betrayal of the Circle, Riff, Bun-bun, Kiki and Aylee were able to follow them and stop the ritual to turn their friends into vampires. Torg was still confused about his feelings, but in the middle of the fighting Valerie approached him and presented him with the choice to either become a vampire and live with her forever or fight along with his friends and probably die. He chose to drive a stake through her heart, and she was destroyed in the dawn when Riff and the others left what was left of the defeated vampires out to be turned to dust by the sunlight.

Later, in Halloween 1999, the ghost of Squeekybobo assumed Valerie's form while trying to kill Torg and take his soul to the Dimension of Pain.

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