III: A Father's Tears
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The day after Sluggy day, the guards are tired because of all the punching. Several guards, among whom a certain Ashan (whose hand got crushed under a chariot), are joking. Then the rebels attack.

Gwynn admires the aquaduct built by Elder Soco. They are up in the Pyramid of the Gods. Soco explains the gods are friendly with Siphy. Gwynn is greated by Rana, who however smells the magic on her and realizes she isn't Siphy. Gwynn quickly defuses this by saying that the magic came from the necklace, which was made by Dunuloa.

Meanwhile below the temple the High Priestess is summoned by king Farahn, who kills her as sacrifice to summon the destroyer (Kozoaku).

Gwynn is taken to Dunuloa, who is a kind of she-Riff. Dunuloa demonstrates a Demon-puncher (flying fist), a magic egg that stores spells so humans can also cast spells. Gwynn meets Sluggy (the god of power) and Tempest (the god of time/fate). It is explained that Tempest was originally a spider but now looks like a man. Gwynn charms Tempest in taking her up the fate web. Tempest has to leave, and leaves Gwynn there, who suddenly becomes possessed by the bug.

We see Krohnus who realizes the destroyer has again escaped. Soco tries to explain his plan to imprison the destroyer to Krohnus. The plan is to imprison Kozoaku in a scroll and change is name to something unpronouncable, so the scroll can be hidden in plain sight. However, Dunuola admits that she hasn't yet succeeded in trapping mortals (let alone demons) in objects. Krohnus takes his family away to protect them against the rise of Kozoaku. The pyramid of the gods is gone and Gwynn and Soco are back in the city.

Kozoaku shows up, kills Soco and grabs Gwynn, saying hello to his spirit within Gwynn.

A spider from the web tells Tempest that he saw Gwynn meddle with the fate web.

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