VI: The Calm
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A brief memory shows Siphy when she was a child and played with Rana. Siphy, Wilder and the gang are in containers, hiding from a ship inspection. Riff explains that his codename with Hereticorp used to be Sluggy. And Torg admits that his middle name is also Sluggy. They're wondering whether this is coincidence or a plan.

The gang notes that they are followed by demons. Torg executes the stupider plan (in preference to the stupid and the smart plan) to cross the border and lose the demons. 

At the secret location, in a luxury hotel with Qaboos Al-Fin, the gang. N'aaaw got a lead because Qaboos bought a jeep, but the demons are sidetracked because Riff traded the jeep for a dune-buggy plus goodies. Wilder notices Siphy using a computer. 

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