VI: The Calm
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Present. Wilder is talking with Siphy. Siphy gives Zoe advice on how to get Torg to talk to her. The crew start to get annoyed with the gang and build a plank to walk on. Siphy explains that history got things wrong: she never loved Kron, instead was deeply in love with Farahn. She only toyed with Kron to keep Farahn's attention. Zoe talks to Riff, asks him to take off his sunglasses. He explains that both he and his father have a genetic eye-problem. Torg looks in on them laughing together and gets mad, but not because he is jealous but because he notices Riff's stock of carrot cake. Zoe and Torg make up.

There are some antics with the plank, Riff, Riff's girlfriend Roberta (one of the crew).

Siphy explains that Krohnus married a moral woman, Brehda, had a son, Kron, and twin daughters, Dunuloa and Rana. There were no moon-twin or sun-twin in Mohkadun, that seemed to be a later attribution.

Wilder shows the pantheon of Mohkadun, the god-symbols: Justice, Joy, Time, Fate, Power. Symachus was the god of Justice. Krig was the god of Joy, the last of a tribe of cruel barbarians, who chose the name of his tribe over his own name to always remember the cruelties of the past.

The God of Power was Sloghy, pronounced Sluggy, which means "likes to punch people in the head a lot". Riff and Torg seem surprised at hearing this. Wilder asks what they know about the name Sluggy. In the Epilogue N'aaaw meets Strum, who is hired by the Cult of Kizke. They are headed for Tunesia.

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