I'm a fan of the comic since 2004 and very good at remembering and finding details in it. I also have some previous experience with Wikia. I foresee I'll be doing a lot of writing and editing here.

I go by my initials on the Sluggy forums.

Experiments (ignore)Edit

Spoiler warning template experimentsEdit

I'm just contemplating a system of spoiler warnings we might implement if we ever get any content here. This I imagine coming after a normal spoiler warning in some cases:

Bun-bun Doom

...of DOOM
Be warned that the spoilers revealed below do not merely give away the content of a story, but reveal a particularly spectacular or important twist or an answer to a question that kept readers guessing for years before being answered. Even if you're not opposed to casual spoilers, you might want to stay the hell away from these until reading the story.

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