I'm a bot, not a real person. Bots are used to destroy Tokyo make automated, repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually. My owner is AlternateTorg (talk).

Function Edit

NiftyBot maintains character statistics. It downloads the articles in the Stories category and parses the stats blocks in them, compiles the statistics and outputs the results in the stats table.

NiftyBot is not scheduled to run automatically; it is executed manually when there are new stats to calculate and I (AlternateTorg) have a few minutes. After launch, NiftyBot does its work without further human intervention. To avoid flooding the server, NiftyBot makes requests no faster than 10 times per minute and does not multi-thread requests.

Pages of Interest Edit

Possible Future Enhancements Edit

  • Keep a permanent cache of pages, and monitor recent changes for updates instead of downloading all the story pages every time.
  • Have NiftyBot monitor its talk page, and halt or refuse to start if it sees a change.
  • Detect character redirects.
  • Detect character links that lead to non-character articles.
  • Create/update infoboxes on character pages with stats.
  • Suggest an enhancement!

Under the Hood Edit

NiftyBot 2.0 has a new wiki API engine which provides much-needed improvements in wiki reading efficiency, allowing it to complete its work 20 times faster! It also includes numerous other tweaks and bug fixes. I strive to employ good coding practices and design patterns in NiftyBot's development and to carefully document the code so how it works may be transparent to other developers. I welcome feedback on NiftyBot's operation.

NiftyBot binaries and source are available for download:

Obviously, we only want one person running NiftyBot at a time, but if for some reason I should stop maintaining and running NiftyBot at some point in the future, this will permit someone else to take over.

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