Torg Potter, also known as The Lastnameless One, is a character who has failed to appear in the comic or take part in the series of parodies named after him because Torg has been mistaken for him and is still believed to be him by almost everyone.

As an infant, Torg Potter along with his parents was attacked by Millard Stoop. Stoop intended to use a combination of spells that would kill his parents and also cause them to be forgotten by history itself, and turn the baby into something small and forgetful that wets itself and easily spreads the common cold to others (not realizing this wouldn't really change it in any way). However, at least part of the spell combination backfired, and Stoop himself was wiped from history and turned into a mockery of a baby. Potter's parents appear to have been killed and wiped as intended, though, presumably causing his "lastnamelessness".

In 1990, Torg Potter was to enter the Hoggelrynth wizarding school as a student, but William Wotcherclaws attacked him at a crowded train station by making Blearious Stank go on a stampede in his werelophant form. The attempted murder failed, but several people were killed. Wotcherclaws, as the sole "witness", used Stank as a scapegoat, and he was sentenced to the wizard prison. Apparently Potter never made it to the school and was lost to general knowledge.

Gandledorf, the headmaster of Hoggelrynth, spent years trying to reach Torg Potter by owl post, until eventually he accidentally managed to contact the other Torg, who was about the right age and accepted the summons to the school because he thought he was going to college again. At the end of the (one-week) school year it was revealed that this wasn't the right Torg after all, which Gandledorf kept a secret for fear of embarrassing himself. The real Torg Potter was discovered next year and was present at the school, though Torg was still also there. Other than being turned briefly to chocolate, Potter didn't seem to actually do anything and wasn't revealed to anyone. He hasn't been heard of since, even though Torg keeps getting called to the school in his stead more or less regularly when something goes horribly wrong with Gandledorf's plans. Torg has been given Torg Potter's bloodentity, and even the returned Millard Stoop doesn't know he's got the wrong nemesis.

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