Torg Goes to Hell
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Torg Goes to Hell is the first story in chapter 6 of Sluggy Freelance, Torg Goes to Hell. Riff tries to repain his robot after Bun-bun's Robot Rampage, using parts of his DFA, but he accidentally blasts Torg into a random dimension. Torg finds himself in the Dimension of Pain and is captured by several demons under the rule of Demon Lord Horribus. Thanks to the stupidity of one demon, he can flee into the safety of a Sacred Circle of Protection, and Torg learns that the Dimension of Pain wasn't always such - a powerful demon conquered it and captured the Goddess of Goodness of this dimension in a cheap zip-lock bag, from which that circle had leaked. Riff and Zoë try to find ways to return Torg, while the demons try to lure Torg out of the circle of protection and torture him, which usually backfires on Reakk. In the end, Riff believes he found Torg and manages to establish an unstable portal. He shoves Zoë partway in so she can grab Torg and pull them back home.

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