Spoiler Alert Warning- this article contains spoilers for the That Which Redeems storyline, if you haven't read yet, go read it first.

Also known as alt-alt-Torg, or shortened to Torg (DoJ).

This alternate version of Torg is physically identical to the original with the exception of a tattoo on his left arm [1]. He is armed with a bow and a set of talking arrows, which serve as a parallel to the talking sword Chaz owned by Torg.

Torg (DoJ) was found by Torg in the Demon King's refrigerator. While trying to escape the Dimension of Lame he had become trapped in the Dimension of Pain and frozen in the freezer portion of the Demon King's fridge[2]. Together Torg and Alt-alt-Torg managed to free the Goddess of Goodness and escape the Dimension of Pain. Torg later discovers that Alt-alt-Torg was not from the Dimension of Lame. Alt-alt-Torg and Alt-alt-Kiki were taken from another dimension by Alt-Riff to replace the original who had died in a fission pop-corn experiment[3]. Their home dimension is unnamed in the comic, but have been dubbed "Dimension of Jerk" by fans, due to the not-so-nice Torg and Kiki alternates. That there is only one dimension they are both from is not actually proven.


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