Torg's New Gig
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Torg's New Gig is the seventh story in chapter 23 of Sluggy Freelance, Spring in the Air. Aylee starts her own web design business, and hires Gwynn as her secretary and Torg as her receptionist. She soons fires Torg again since she doesn't actually need a receptionist, but Torg figures out that Aylee has little grasp of where her money comes from and where the profit of her company goes goes - Torg's own bank accounts. Bert warns Torg that he'll soon flee for his life in a giant space crotch. Zoë did bad on her finals and has to worry about making money for the next semester. Aylee's therapist Dr. Bláoun turns out to be Dr. Schlock, who is trying to clone her. Riff sees to it that he stops the therapy sessions and refunds his fees. Riff later brings the DFA to Torg's apartment for Torg to test out his new remote to return safely. Only the DFA also zaps away Riff and Bun-bun, and they don't return even after five hours. At least they're not in the Dimension of Pain...

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