Torg's Black Heart
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Torg's Black Heart is the first story in chapter 9 of Sluggy Freelance, Return of the Holiday Seasons. The demons of the Dimension of Pain have located Torg, and, since the barriers between the dimensions weaken as Halloween approaches, decide to send one of their own to kill Torg and capture his soul. A faulty smoke machine meanwhile leaves Torg and Riff with a coat of fur, giving them their costumes. Reakk appears shortly before the party, but doesn't recognize Torg, who takes the opportunity to trick the demon into several dangerous activities to "find" Torg. Meanwhile, Zoë worries about having kissed Riff, and Kiki and Bun-bun man the Clockjerk Dudes to "trick or treat" with guns and grenades. In an inopportune moment, Torg's fur falls off, and Reakk recognizes him, Torg flees, and Reakk faces Kiki's Clockjerk Torg. He rips out his "heart" (some candy), and Kiki accidentally strikes the demon. Reakk responds by decapitating the Clockjerk Torg, and Kiki angrily chirps at the demon. Terrified at "Torg's" abilities, he surrenders all his candy and money to Kiki and retreats. After Halloween, Riff invites Zoë to a date, but Zoë feels guilty since Gwynn and Riff are already dating, and hypocritical, as she accused Torg of having an affair with Valerie.

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