The Spider's Apprentice
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In this story, the ex-Fate Spider returns to his position at the request of Father Time to train a proper replacement.


The ex-Fate Spider, who left his position due to a sense that the Web of Fate was going to tear itself apart, is having trouble adapting to normal life. Father Time contacts him and requests that he return to the Web of Fate to do some consulting work with his replacement. He reluctantly agrees, and upon returning finds the web in shambles and his replacement tied up in some economy lines. The ex-Fate Spider soon realizes that his replacement is actually an agent from the Cult of K'Z'K and kicks him out. He then explains that the two forces of Hereti-Corp and the Cult must never meet or it will spell disaster for the Web of Fate.

Meanwhile Torg and Riff invite their friends over for a night of SuuWii Fit gameplay. Gwynn doesn't want to participate, so Zoë teases her for not joining in the fun. In retaliation Gwynn says "shupid" to turn her into a camel which almost breaks the SuuWii Fit board. After turning Zoë back and apologizing Gwynn sees and recognizes the Orsintos Labs logo on a piece of paper and explains to the others that it was on the wall of the warehouse where Jane and her zombies used to live. For some reason Zoë gets upset, so Torg takes her outside to talk with her.

Strom is watching the apartment through a sniper rifle. He calls in to Schlock to inform him that Torg and his friends will be moving on an Orsintos Lab tomorrow. He also requests and is denied permission to kill Monica, who he is very suspicious of. Schlock orders all other operations halted and states that Oasis must be found as soon as possible and at all costs. If not they won't be able to spring their trap on Riff. In the meantime Zoë reveals that she's been fired from her radio job and is in dire financial straits. Torg comforts her and tells her that her friends will always be there for her.

Back in the Web of Fate the ex-Fate Spider's new apprentice arrives, and he immediately comes up with the notion of subtly influencing events to generate acceptable outcomes. The ex-Fate Spider is ecstatic thinking of the possibilities but reasons that they can only affect 50-50 odds on decisions. However the ex-Fate Spider believes that the right nudges in the right places could result in far-reaching consequences He remarks that they'd have to tread carefully. He then shows his apprentice the Great Tangle, a snaring of fate lines so hazardous that one wrong move could cause it to tighten and break the entire Fate Web, ending the world.

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