The Slug-Files
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The Slug-Files is the sixth story in chapter 4 of Sluggy Freelance, The Slug-Files. Attracted by the carnage Aylee's attempt to drive caused, and a photo of her, two FBI agents, alien-obsessed Agent Muldy and sceptic Agent Kruller, come to investigate. Muldy's investigation methods drive Kruller up the wall, but the pair soon meets up with Kiki, who tells them that Sam is missing, Riff, who is building a robot, and Zoë, who puts the agents back on the right track. In a chaotic moment brought about by misunderstandings, and the daylighters and laser cannon of Riff's truck, the agents capture Torg, and Aylee gives chase. She crashes into the agents' car and it drops from a bridge into a lake. They, and separately Torg and Aylee, escape unharmed, and Muldy gives up the case, certain that all tracks have been covered by a conspiracy already.

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