Chapter 2: The Sci-fi Adventure
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The Sci-fi Adventure is chapter 2 of Sluggy Freelance, and is contained in the book Is It Not Nifty?. The chapter is the first spoof in Sluggy Freelance, referencing science fiction/fantasy franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars. We are introduced to the dimensional flux agitator, a device invented by Riff, which transports him and Torg to another dimension. There they bluff their way into a job as engineers on a starship and encounter Aylee, who (initially) wants to eat them.

The Flux Agitator[]

In which Riff and Torg Travel to the dimension of science fiction cliches.


In which Riff and Torg impersonate trained professionals.

Get me a Proctologist![]

In which Riff and Torg are hunted by a hungry alien for the very first time.

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