Chapter 2: The Sci-fi Adventure
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The Sci-fi Adventure is chapter 2 of Sluggy Freelance, and is contained in the book Is It Not Nifty?. The chapter is the first spoof in Sluggy Freelance, referencing science fiction/fantasy franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars. We are introduced to the dimensional flux agitator, a device invented by Riff, which transports him and Torg to another dimension. There they bluff their way into a job as engineers on a starship and encounter Aylee, who (initially) wants to eat them.

The Flux AgitatorEdit

In which Riff and Torg Travel to the dimension of science fiction cliches.


In which Riff and Torg impersonate trained professionals.

Get me a Proctologist!Edit

In which Riff and Torg are hunted by a hungry alien for the very first time.

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