The Phoenix Unleashed
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In The Phoenix Unleashed, Oasis continues her solitary training in the woods where Torg first met her. Dr. Schlock, who is aware of this, sends Hereti-Corp troops and several REA-1s to capture her.


The story begins with Torg having a dream about a visibly upset Oasis burying two dead birds in front of him. When he looks in the grave he finds a tub of fried chicken and awakens to find Zoë offering him some fried chicken. He comments on bad dreams having good endings at the last second. It then cuts to Hereti-Corp, where Katie Zalia is enjoying her three hours of looking at the outside world when she is returned to her cell early. The upcoming hunt for Oasis is taking every available Hereti-Corp employee away from the facility. On her way back to her cell the guard escorting her is revealed to be Feng, who infiltrated Hereti-Corp to rescue her and her mother. (he only found out they were there because of a drunken Hereti-Corp employee) On the way to the Zalias' cell they are intercepted by Frog and Kusari and after a desperate struggle Feng and Kusari are wounded and he and Katie are captured. Meanwhile the Hereti-Corp task force arrives in the woods where Oasis is training. Two of their advance scouts find her with predictable results. Oasis returns to the cave she's been living in and attempts to calm herself through exercise. Meanwhile Kusari (who has recovered from a compound leg fracture in a matter of hours) reports to Schlock that their units are in place and that the hunt would begin tomorrow. Back in the woods the Hereti-Corp troops are setting up for the night, while Oasis performs one last listen for threats before sleep. She hears the agents (but not before leaving her cave and traveling considerable distance) and proceeds to slaughter the unprepared camp. Schlock hears of this and informs Frog that Corsica is among the agents deployed in the woods, he attempts to go to her aid, but Schlock prevents him from leaving the building.

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