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This continues the story from The Orange Tomato.

The gang battle the zombie animals.

Plot Edit

Zoe kills a lot of zombie chipmunks with a plunger. Torg is chased by a zombie bear. Kiki is not affected because she followed Zoe's order not to look at the screen. Bun-bun shakes off the influence of the app by sheer force of will. The bear is eventually blown up by the garden defence system.

The gang is now in the house, while all the zombie animals look through the windows from outside. Bun-bun explains that it is Hamsternom that is causing the zombie apocalypse. They call Noogy to get the address of Aitch. Then they 'borrow' Jessup's car.

Noogy has locked herself in her cabin and defends herself against the onslaught of the animals, and Zoe and Torg join her. Torg is accidentally shot by Noogy with a tranquilizer gun. Riff and Bunbun go to Aitch's cabin. Video footage shows Riff what happened to Aitch (eaten by his zombified cat) and that he caused the zombie apocalypse. Zoe has to defend herself against a Canadian ninja yak.

Riff manages to hack Aitch's computer and change the game protocol to unzombifie everyone.

Riff secretly keeps a copy of Aitch's code.

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