The Love Potion: PART 2
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This story picks up where The Love Potion: PART 1 left off, with everyone in love with everyone else and crazy due to Gwynn's love potion. Riff uses the Omnitaser-Supreme to knock everyone unconscious. Eventually the potion wears off, with only Zoë and Torg remembering what happened; they decide to go on a date to Le Snootier. They don't know that Oasis survived the explosion of Dr. Steve's base, tracked the stolen corvette to Le Snootier, and has been watching it every night waiting for Torg to return. When he does, she kicks Zoë away and kidnaps him. Torg has to pretend he doesn't care about Zoë to keep Oasis from killing her, so Zoë, without understanding, runs home in tears. Meanwhile, Gwynn is afraid that Torg will tell Riff about her magic powers, so she (with some prodding from K'Z'K) casts a spell on Torg that prevents him from saying anything important and slowly turns him into a donkey. Riff goes to rescue Torg with his new robot the Mark 2, but in the process gets captured and turns into the best man at the wedding of Torg and Oasis (Kiki is the maid of honor). Gwynn goes to reverse the spell on Torg, and Oasis mistakes her for Zoë. Oasis wants to kill her because she found a note in Torg's wallet saying he loves Zoë. Being attacked angers Gwynn, who uses her magic powers to kill Oasis, then fixes Torg. She (ever more under K'Z'K's influence) decides to move away, and Torg and Zoë realize to late that K'Z'K is back.

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