The Krig is an ancient god of Mohkadun, and the God of Joy in that era.  His symbol appears to be a diagonally
The Krig

Image of the Krig from 7/4/2013 Sluggy Freelance comic

striped egg, and his holiday was reportedly a day of joy. 

The Krig appears in Mokhadun as a jovial, bearded man wearing a keffiyeh and Egyptian-style clothing bearing his symbol, with his chest and muscular arms exposed. 

According to Queen Siphaniana, the Krig had a darker origin.  He is allegedly the last of a tribe of brutal barbarians, and chose the name of this tribe over his own to remember his past cruelties.[1]

In ancient Mokhadun scenes, Krig is observed interacting frequenly with
Krig and Soco

Image of the Krig and Elder Soco from 7/4/2013 Sluggy Freelance comic

humanity, particularly approving Elder Soco's building projects.  He also revealed significant information on the origin of the gods to Soco.[2]

During their visit to the Pyramid of the Gods, the Krig offered to help present Soco and "Siphaniana's" plans to re-imprison the Destroyer before the Time Father.  His comments about her "condition" angered Gwynn, but this endeared her to the Goddessling Dunuloa.[3]

In later conversation with Sluggy, God of Power, Gywnn learns that the gods of Mokhadun choose their forms.  Apparently, the Krig chose to "pop his height up a foot or three."[4]

For unknown reasons Bun-Bun wants the Krig dead. It is heavily hinted that the God of Joy later becomes Santa Claus, as his full name is Krig Gaul ("Kringle"), which explains Bun-Bun's ongoing vendetta with Santa.


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