The Hunter
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The Hunter is the second story in chapter 21 of Sluggy Freelance, The Hunt. Once more, Halloween draws near, and the pronouncement that Torg will be haunted by the demons from the Dimension of Pain is remembered - it makes a good advertisment for the planned Halloween party. To be safe, the gang hires a demon hunter, and Riff creates a demon blaster. In the Dimension of Pain, Horribus unearthes the Demon Spear Calmadar, a weapon that can turn any mortal into a demon, and arms Psyk with it. At Halloween, Zoë does not appear because the demon thing is too dangerous for her, but there is a generic superhero that no one seems to know. Psyk finds his foray into Torg's dimension infuriating, as he feels teased by everyone about his weight, and especially Steve Uozin, the demon hunter, is striking a nerve. Psyk is prevented from killing Torg by Aylee, Riff, and the generic superhero. Enraged further by the demon hunter, Psyk impales him with the Demon Spear Calmadar, turning the hunter into a demon himself. As dawn breaks, Psyk and Steve Uozin are brought to the Dimension of Pain, and the demons have a new fear. The generic superhero unmasks herself as Sasha, Riff's girlfriend... that no one else knew about.

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