Chapter 21: The Hunt
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Chapter 21, The Hunt. This refers to Psyk trying to hunt Torg on Halloween.

First appearence of Demon Spear Calmadar
First appearence of Sasha, Psyk tries to kill Torg but accidentally brings back the demon hunter.
Sasha & Zoë hang out.
Santa Claus gets attacked by nerf-hating aliens, who morph his dna. Does santa die in the explosion?
Bun-Bun sees alien Santa Claus. Torg gives Zoë a necklace from the pyramids (see Return of the Holiday Seasons), which turns her into a camel. Sasha and Riff figure out that "Shupid" turns her into a camel, and "kwi" turns her back.
Guest Week
Bun-Bun, Kiki, and Aylee have some fun in the snow.
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