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The Flux Agitator
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The Flux Agitator is the first storyline of Chapter 2: The Sci-Fi Adventure

Riff introduces the first invention we see in the strip, the Dimensional Flux Agitator (DFA). Riff tries to send Bun-bun to a random dimension, but instead sends Torg and Riff to the dimension of science fiction cliches. This is the first time the story moves out of the Sluggyverse.

Torg and Riff are attacked and absorbed by The Collective, a Borg-like cyborg race. However, Torg and Riff cause The Collective to have a keg party, and they are kicked out.

Torg and Riff are then beamed up to a ship similar to the Enterprise from Star Trek, and they later get hired as engineers for another ship, the UCP WasteStar Toxica.

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