The Festival
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The Festival is the second story in chapter 35 of Sluggy Freelance, Magic Flap. Riff and Torg go to a festival, as do Gwynn and Zoë, though the two groups don't actually meet. Gwynn reveals that the Book of E-Ville constantly returns to her even if she doesn't want it. Torg and Riff hatch a plan to combine zeppoles and barbecue, while Zoë meets a human cannonball. Torg's plan backfires, and the two spend a week with the carnival after being captured in a ride. When they come home, Riff realizes he forgot his day job.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Uglacia learns that the demons she accidentally brought with her to the surface are the key to find Horribus, and tries to tell them while they play with Squeeky-bobo Ball, but she swallows the ball and chokes to death. Psyk, Reakk, Isp and Osp accidentally intone a chant that causes the Squeeky-bobo Ball to find Horribus, regardless, dragging Uglacia's corpse along.

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