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The Dr. Lorna Radio Show is the third story in chapter 3 of Sluggy Freelance, Holiday Seasons. We are introduced to Dr. Lorna, a radio show host parodying real-life radio personality Laura Schlessinger. A caller named Tim begins to talk about is 14-year-old girlfriend, when Lorna cuts him off, screams at him for being a "cradle robber" and cuts to commercial. Her call screener, Reggie, then explains to her that the caller was 12. Apparently, most of her calls are like this.

Zoë tells Torg and Riff that she just got a job as an assistant call screener for Lorna's show. Torg reacts negatively to the mention of Dr. Lorna, while Riff pretends to have never heard of her. We see several more calls to Dr. Lorna's show, all ending in outrageous fashion, including one from Bun-bun impersonating Torg, and another which results in Reggie being fired and Zoë being promoted to his position.

Riff drops by Zoë's place to see if she had any plans for Thanksgiving, unaware that Dr. Lorna is there. When Zoë offers to introduce him, he tries to escape, only to have Lorna reveal two surprising facts: 1) Riff's name is actually Riffington, and 2) Lorna is Riff's mother! Torg is surprised to learn this, as well; he knew Riff growing up, but he lived with his father, who remarried when Riff was about 10 years old.

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