This article is about the original Bloody Bun, the rubber raft. For other uses, check your notes. Or just go to The Bloody Bun (disambiguation).

The rubber raft cristened Bloody Bun was one of several ships to bear the name. She was emblazoned with two "Bun and Crossbones" symbols, and flew a Jolly Roger using a paddle as a flagpole. Somehow, Captain Bun-bun managed to arm her with a harpoon gun. Her maiden voyage began in July, 1998. She sank that same month.



The Bloody Bun launched from Nag's Head, North Carolina in early July, 1998.[1] Soon after launch, she encountered a yacht,[2] which her crew quickly boarded.[3] While the captain was busy forcing the yacht's former crew to walk the plank, the yacht ran aground, forcing the crew to abandon it.[4] After a short shore leave,[5] the Bloody Bun embarked again. She soon encountered stormy seas.[6] First Mate Jaya fell overboard, and Kiki dove in to save her. Captain Bun-bun believed them to be lost causes and, instead of attempting to recover them, he left them to their fate and plotted a course to Tijuana.[7] Kiki and Jaya were rescued from the ocean by the efforts of Torg[8] and Riff.[9] The Bloody Bun and her captain were pronounced "lost at sea" by a member of the local Baywatch.[10] Four days out, Captain Bun-bun began to hallucinate about the members of his former crew, who he presumed dead. He entertained himself by mocking their inability to save themselves.[11] Soon, he forgot about the delicate construction of his craft and began to sharpen his nails and teeth on the hull of the Bloody Bun. It wasn't long before the hull punctured and deflated, causing her to sink.[12] Captain Bun-bun swam for his life, eventually washing up on a desert island.[13] A few weeks later, he managed to get rescued by a passing cruise ship.[14]


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