The Arny is a paramilitary organization based in Wispydale. Their name comes from the imitation U.S. Army uniforms they wear, which are mispelled as "U.S. Arny".

The Arny is part of a secret order that has monitored Satan's activities for centuries. Its primary mission is to protect humanity from his true son, who will rise up to control the world. Another of their duties is to monitor and contain the EVIL, a litter of eighteen Satanic kittens. During the Arny's fifty years of watching over the town, they took only a single vacation, which ironically coincided with the sole time the EVIL's caretakers failed to pacify them; this resulted in the events of K I T T E N.

When at full strength, the Arny contained eighty members[1]. However, the majority of them died during K I T T E N I I.

Known MembersEdit


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