The Alien's New Clothes
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The Alien's New Clothes is the first story in chapter 19 of Sluggy Freelance, K I T T E N. Aylee is finally out of her cocoon, not that she looks like it. She is depressed by it, and also finds she no longer eats humans. Torg and Riff work out she now eats potatoes, and when she eats enough potatoes, she can unfold into a dragon-like form. The gang also experiences some freak power outages, and Torg feels jealous as Zoë and Dex get closer. The power outages can soon be traced to Aylee, who releases an EMP when turning into her dragon form, an EMP that deleted a lot of data, including Zoë's term paper, Torg's business data... and Bun-bun's Baywatch collection. The gang flees from Bun-bun's wrath and soon split up. Torg joins Zoë on a college retreat (and invites Bert along). Bun-bun catches up with Aylee, Riff, and Kiki driving a potato truck, but Aylee releases an EMP that slows Bun-bun down and allows the three to fly to safety.