Thanksgiving Week
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Thanksgiving Week is the fourth story in chapter 3 of Sluggy Freelance, Holiday Seasons. Sam invites Zoë to his Thanksgiving dinner, which he would otherwise spend alone, and he already bought a turkey. Zoë accepts, but also gets Torg and Bun-bun invited, because she really hates Sam. While the four are eating, Torg asks Sam what happened to the escaped lab animals that Bun-bun stuck him with. Sam replies that he keeps them in his bedroom until they are picked up by PETA, who promptly appear, only to see the turkey before Torg can cover it. A fight ensues between the four and the PETA members...

Riff spends Thanksgiving with his mother and her family. She comments on how well-adjusted Riff is, despite her only having a chance to raise him for nine years, to which he angrily responds that he summons demons. Unfazed, Dr. Lorna states her observations - "No smoking, no piercings, no ebonics...". Later on, Dr. Lorna asks Riff if he is impressed with her home and family, and if he didn't wish that it was her who raised him rather than his father and new wife. Dr. Lorna's other son asks whether he is better than Riff, and she chastises him that it isn't polite to rub that in.

Meanwhile, Torg, Sam, and Zoë managed to fight off the PETA members, saving the turkey, but at a great cost - the stuffing is ruined, as Bun-bun tells a crying Torg. After the battle, the four are outside under a clear, starlit sky, and Zoë asks Torg what he is thankful for. Admitting to not having thought about it, he first answers Porterhouse steaks, but then he says he thinks he should be thankful for life, and that he should try to remember to appreciate what he has every day. Sam says he is thankful for freedom, and that he wishes he wouldn't take it for granted all the time. Zoë herself is thankful for her friends, not having had any when she first arrived, but wishes that they wouldn't get her into crazy situations all the time. Bun-bun chastises them for having stipulations on their thankfulness, and says he is simply thankful for the right to shoot telemarketers on sight. When he is informed that that isn't even legal, he simply revises it to being thankful that he hasn't been caught yet.

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