The Teknokons are a race of robotic explorers of the Timeless Space of the Oceans Unmoving storyline. Their creators are the same neckties who tried to tech-grab Kada Jansen's invention which sent her to Timeless Space. They built a large number of ships to travel the timeless void (which are generally held and used by pirates during the storyline), but largely abandoned their efforts and several pieces of technology due to the lack of commercial value in Timeless Space, as well as the danger of time- freezing. The Teknokons planted forests wherever they went, since they, being robots, could hold little time. In appearance Teknokons are smaller than humans, vaguely humanoid but very slender, with large flat heads, four arms, and in place of legs a small "sail" that lets them float and is presumably similar to those in their ships.

Teknokon ShipsEdit

Individual TeknokonsEdit

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