Teddy Weddy the Bear

Teddy Weddy is a large, violent bear (with a pink bow), introduced when the characters want to hire "a cute talking animal" for the strip. Torg interviews the bear, and three times in a row Teddy Weddy snarls and asks "Do I get the @%$#*ing job or what?"

Torg hires Teddy Weddy, and Riff tells the bear to get rid of the old guy, referring to Bun-bun. Before the two fight, the representative from PETA returns, this time defending Teddy Weddy. Teddy Weddy eats the representative. Bun-bun emerges victorious by partially skinning the bear to make a small rug.

On April 30, 2011, he was brought in as the guest weekend host to introduce Corsica #21. He was known this time as Theodore Wedd and went on to host "Weekend Opinions with Theodore Wedd."

Within the cannon storyline, Teddy Weddy consoles the bear from Safehouse chapter after he was beat up by Bun-bun.[1].


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