Tears in the Darkness
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The conclusion to the That Which Redeems storyline. The Goddess of Goodness escapes the Dimension of Pain with Torg and Alt-alt-Torg through the portal into the Dimension of Lame. Filled with power (and a little annoyance) from the innocence and goodness of the people from the Dimension of Lame, she easily sweeps the remaining demons back through the portal and closes it forever[1].

Afterwards, Torg discovers that the other Torg is not originally from the Dimension of Lame either[2]. He questions ALt-Riff and discovers that the dimension's original Torg and Kiki had died in a fission pop-corn experiment. He had snatched a replacement Torg and Kiki from another dimension[3]. Torg bids farewell to Alt-Bun-bun and is sent home by the Goddess of Goodness.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, Horribus is stripped of his power and authority by the Demon King. For a replacement, Psyk is granted power and authority in Horribus' place[4].