Undercover as Nash Straw, reporter

The Strawman is an extremely competent hitman and bounty hunter. His true name is unknown. He dons a new name for every job or cover identity he takes. He was introduced as the reporter Nash Straw when looking for Oasis.[1] He fled a hospital as public accountant Warren Nashville.[2] He started at Hereti-Corp as Reynold Strom.[3] After his resignation there he became Raymond Strum for his gig at the Cult of Kizke.[4] Then he introduced himself to the cast as Reid Nash.[5] Father Time has referred to him as Strawman.[6]

Nash Straw in full assasin outfit

The Strawman usually works alone, hired by those who "want the job done right". He carries a wide arsenal of gear, including a variety of guns, and is well-versed in its use. His physical abilities and skills in both unarmed combat and with guns are extraordinary, to the point that he is nearly a match to Oasis's superhuman fighting skills, see the epic duel between the two. Far from relying on brute force alone, however, The Strawman is more than capable of scouting an area and gathering clues in disguise and finishing off his target from afar with minimal fuss. Seducing women to gain information or help is also a part of his repertoire.

Nash Straw sniping

When on the job and not in disguise, The Strawman dresses entirely in black, including a wide, brimmed hat, a trenchcoat over a protective vest and a gas mask. The coat can hold a collection of weapons that would make Riff jealous.

He also wears ear protectors and green low-light vision glasses.

The Strawman worked for Hereti-Corp in a period, but when he felt that their leadership was losing their grip on reality, he decided to betray them in order to cash in the bounty on Oasis.

Alternates[edit | edit source]

An alternative version of The Strawman has joined the Resistance in the Dimension of Rain. He describes himself as "possibly the best fighter in the resistance" and likes to fight sniper-style. So far this alternate Strom has not displayed any of the ruthless and backstabbing tendencies of The Strawman, on the contrary he seemed worried about "head-shooting a civilian", a puzzling comment he made after taking out Harbinger, the equivalent of Oasis in that dimension.

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