“Storm Breaker” is the title given to Zoë during “The Storm Breaker Saga.” A prophecy foretold the arrival of the Storm Breaker, who would rid the land of K'Z'K. During her accidental journey back in time, Zoë was captured by the Trents [1]. Osric insisted that she was the Storm Breaker, but King Sighard declared her to be a spy and planned to execute her. The king changed his mind when Zoë saved his life via the thunderous method of shooting a deadel in the head with a shotgun [2].

Zoë thus gained the role and accompanied the Trents into battle against the Mercians [3]. Here, Zoë was reunited with Torg, joining forces against K’Z’K when the latter also appeared on the battlefield. After K’Z’K seized the Book of E-Ville, Zoë and Torg went on a quest to obtain the Book of Güd. As it happened, Zoë fulfilled the title of Storm Breaker by tricking K’Z’K into looking at the Book of Güd. This broke his power and turned him into a diminutive insect, which she promptly squashed [4].

Even after returning to the present, she has been acknowledged as the Storm Breaker on occasion -- notably by other demons [5].


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