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Stories and Corollaries is the sixth story in chapter 30 of Sluggy Freelance, Dangerous Days Ahead. The gang delivers Sasha to the hospital and bring each other up to speed. Dr. Schlock tells the story of how he cloned Aylee in the first place, got nabbed by Hereti-Corp and "re"-educated the clone Cloney. When Schlock reveals that Chen was behind Oasis' attack on Zoë, Torg angrily ends the story and waits for Oasis to come for him, as he promised. Oasis, despite being alive again, doesn't come for him, however. She sets out to know herself. Hereti-Corp C.E.O. Daedalus, though pleased that the Aylee and Oasis projects are recoverable, sets up Chen as the guy to take the fall for him and the company goes down. Bert announces that he moves out, but doesn't actually follow up on that.

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