Squishydodo is a number cruncher for the black op elves. His unit breaks off from Santa Claus after he seems to go insane with rage over Bun-bun, but then Bun-bun takes over the unit to find Aylee and the gang after she accidentally destroyed his Baywatch tapes (see On The Run: Bun-bun's Black Ops Elves). Later he helps uncover the fact that Santa became a spore alien in Rescue Mission to the North Pole!.

When Bun-bun begins taking over the Holidays, Squishydodo becomes torn between his loyalty to Mrs. Claus and his employment by Bun-bun. When Bun-bun battles Alien Santa, Squishydodo shows up, apparently to aid Santa. However, he actually brought Nerf weapons, which Bun-bun uses to slay Santa.

Squishydodo marries fellow Black-Ops Elf Slappyhoho.

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