Spitting Image
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Spitting Image is the fifth story in chapter 21 of Sluggy Freelance, The Hunt. Torg and Riff need to bake new cookies after not-so-stealthily eating the ones Zoë already made. Aylee surprises Torg with several Christmas trees, lifting his spirit enough to try to make a move to get together with Zoë, starting with the perfect gift. After talking with Sasha, he believes he already has that perfect gift. Bun-bun prepares for his annual confrontation with Santa Claus, yet offers a truce - he hopes that Santa can help him stop being the Easter Bunny, considering it a curse. He is shocked seeing an alien Santa giving him coal. Torg gives Zoë a necklace that he found in the pyramid. Zoë protests that she can't wear it but tries it on anyway - and promptly turns into a camel. On New Years Eve, Bun-bun once more gets drunk and nice, and among the Black Ops Elves, Squishydodo tries to get a date with Slappyhoho, who tries to get a date with Skimpymoomoo. After seeing Skimpymoomoo out of uniform, and in a dress, she decides to go out with Squishydodo after all. Torg and Riff try to find a way to reverse Zoë's transformation, but the arrival of a PS2 proves an obstacle to this, especially as no one but Sasha realizes that Zoë is fully aware. However, Sasha does find a clue, regarding the lost city of Mohkadun and one of its legends, in which warrior Kron fell in love with the wife of the pharaoh and used the necklace, a gift from the Moon Twin to meet with her. Discussing the legend, the gang stumbles across the words "shupid" and "kwi," which turn out to be the keys to Zoë's transformation. She retains a tattoo of the necklace, and hearing "shupid" turn her into a camel, while "kwi" returns her to human. Riff starts to avoid Sasha for some reason, and Zoë destroys Torg's PS2 in retaliation. While she thinks she went too far, her remorse doesn't last long as Torg says something "shupid." Sasha is frustrated that the two are back at square one.