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Snowfinger is the second story in chapter 26 of Sluggy Freelance, Brie Meighsaton House. Mrs. Claus and a few other Christmas icons want to abolish Christmas, fearing that the alien Santa Claus may use the presents to infect the world with alien spores. Others want proof for that. Bun-bun is hunted by two alien hitmen, but defeats them, and then is contacted by his Black Ops Elves. He is supposed to investigate the Snowfinger business and perhaps kill Santa in the process. Due to a poor choice in weapons, Santa captures him and inadvertantly reveals that he has absolutely no time for such ploys, as the Christmas business takes up his whole time. Bun-bun still tries to kill him, but fails. He does uncover the real Snowfinger, however. Jack Frost had been infected, and was supposed to use the New Years snow to infect the world. Jack Frost is freed with the RSR gas, and Bun-bun goes on a date with the Sugarplum Faerie. In the new year, the gang emails each other, and a heavily-edited email from Gwynn disturbs Zoë. She asks Riff and Torg to check on Gwynn, but Gwynn blocks their attempt.

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