Skippy's demonself


Skippy possessing Bob

Skippy, who also goes by Skip, is a light blue, mucus (or bubble gum) like demon that worked with K'Z'K. He was summoned when a man named Bob attempted to read a Bazooka Joe comic after a printing error had caused its ink to run into runes of pure evil. Skippy can transform Bob into a sticky goo. The demon first appeared as K'Z'K's underling after Gwynn's second possession. Though he acted obsequious, it has been implied that Skippy was far more knowledgeable than he appeared. He is now the head of a cadre of demons eagerly anticipating K'Z'K's return. It has also been revealed that Skippy has a strong rivalry with Chilus, and that he has a mentally retarded brother of whom Skippy is very sensitive towards and protective of, in spite of the fact that, as noticed by Chilus, he shouldn't feel any kind of sympathy to anyone since he is a demon. [1] The retarded brother of Skippy is likely Agent N'aaaw, who seems incapable of proper communication when in "demon speak mode".

In Mohkadun (chapter), Bob is killed with a sniper rifle by Reynold Strom[2]. One of Skippy's allies tricks Marky into reading the aloud the misprinted Bazooka Joe comic, causing him to become Skippy's new host[3].

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