Queen of Mokhadun, she was the favored wife of King Farahn .

Siphaniana was not satisfied with the King, however, and sought romantic adventure with the godling Kron.

Kron enacted a plan to hide the Queen from the King's spies, by way of a magic necklace that could transform her into the form of his racing camel, Shupid.

The enchantment backfired, however, and caused the souls of Siphaniana and Gwynn to swap, stranding both women in a foreign body and time, and with no mastery of the local language.

Once in the current time, Siphaniana learned English with the help of Aylee, who misunderstood the situation.

Siphaniana introduced the main characters to the creation mythology of Mokhadun. In this mythology the creator-god Prozoato, aided by his creation the time-god Krohnus, seek to prevent the destroyer-god Kozoaku from destroying existence itself.

This leads to an interesting new perspective, once Zoë realizes that Kozoaku is the same as the demon K'Z'K.

Following the disastrous events that led to the demise of Kron and the sealing of K'Z'K, Siphaniana was returned to her own body, and Gwynn to her own.


Torg eventually finds Kron and Siphiana's necklace in Dunuloa's pyramid of treasures in Tunisia, gives it to Zoë as a Christmas present, and the enchantment/curse works on her normally without swapping any souls through time. It remains in place until her "death" during her most recent fight with Oasis, and then returns from "tattoo" to "cursed necklace" form.

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